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About Deepbiz


Deepbiz is an IT consulting and services company that offers high degree of quality and standards to customers with effectively low costs to meet their resources and needs of mid-market business.

Why We Are


Cutting edge technology: We upgrade constant innovations using cutting edge technology and effiacious automated tools to deliver quality services on time within budget.

Reasons to You Choose us

Customer-centric Engagement Model
Our professional expert team help your domain and technological requirements with customized engagement model. You can chose any one of our engagement model from Fixed Price Model, Retainer Model or both.
Client-Side Flexible Work Time
At DeepBiz, we offer a range of flexible work arrangements to help our clients achieve their deliverables on time. Our client-site flexible work arrangements help address the challenges that come with their business requirements.
Centers of Excellence
Covering a range of domain and technologies, our Centers of Excellence will help our clients to accomplish their strategic goals. Located in Bangalore, India with the network around the world, the centers are dedicated facilities offering customers access to our accumulated wealth of expertise and experience in specific vertical markets and IT specialties.
Continuous Improvement
Our Continuous Improvement for Excellence (CIE) is a systematic methodology that provides tools to help enhance existing programs and processes, improve effectiveness, foster a collaborative work environment, and tap the expertise of our employees. Based on the analysis, the employee skill sets are tuned to excel their deliverables. We also provide innovative communication and collaboration tools to help increase productivity, efficiency and flexibility.
Dedicated Test lab
An error-free, precise testing service requires a proper hardware and software set up, a fully equipped testing lab that helps us deliver you best software quality analysis services. Our combinations of original servers, desktops machines, smart devices and high-end systems help you to accomplish your time-to-market and save a great deal on investments.
Features from ready to use hardware configuration combinations and browsers to operating systems, our lab is just the place where all your compatibility test requirements are met.
Our vast infrastructure includes readily usable combinations of software and hardware for all testing needs. This not only reduces your time to market but also cuts down on your software-testing budget.
Dedicated Research Lab
Our Research Labs focuses on defining and driving the research and innovation agenda at DeepBiz. It is a dedicated research group comprising technology and domain-focused members and is built on the successes of our future needs.
At Labs, we have identified large, multidisciplinary problem spaces that embody the challenges facing with our clients and we are creating technology solutions to solve them.
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